I'm going to do fine.

I'm going to smile and speak clearly.  I'm going to look them in the eye, and I'm going to be myself.

I'm going to take the tests.  I will take my time, and remain calm.  I will do just fine.  I will prove to them, and myself that I'm worthy of their time and of a good job.  I will get at least 60wpm on the typing test.  I will read carefully and only use the mouse for the Word and Excel tests… no short cuts. 

I will make mistakes… and I will deal with it.  I will do my very best, and just be happy that I was given a second chance to do my best. 

I will do fine.  I will do my best.  If they don't like me, then their place of business isn't the right fit for me, and I will try again on Monday.  I will not give up.

I will do fine.  I will.  I am going to be ok.

I just need to keep telling myself it will all be ok.  I need to trust that I am capable of everything they will ask of me, and that I can do this.  I'm going to finish one last thing, and then I'm going to go to bed and get some sleep.  I will wake up early and print out my reference sheet, and I will get ready to go out and prove to myself I'm ready and able to live again. 

I can do this.

I just needed to type it out… and after all the support you all have given me… I needed to do it here.  I just needed to calm down.  I will do fine.  >smile<  I will.  No matter what happens… I will not give up.  I will start again Monday no matter what they tell me.

I'm strong, and I can do this.


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