Today was a good day for the most part… I seem to getting more and more into the Christmas Spirit as the weeks go by… 8 days til christmas ughh

Woke up early to go to the main college campus and sell college books. Turns outmy 40 minute drive was worthless… apparently all 10 of my books are "old" or "not buyable" becuase apparently you aren't supposed to write in your  I did sell one book for a total of 6 dollars… -.-  I guess it paid for gas money, idk.  I was planning on buying Christmas presents with the money I got for my books but apparently that isn't happening.

I have 8 days until Christmas and I still have my boyfriend (75-100 present) my best friend (25 dollar present) my mom (buying her paint to paint her room probably 40 dollars) and my dad (15 dollars…20?)  Thats a total of about 175 dollars.. not to mention sometime before January 15th I have to buy college books..get my oil changed..  ughhhh Money is SOOO tight right now.. working a part time job sucks! But, i feel that if I were to get a fulltime I would be so stresed out and my anxiety would be bad. I'd really like to buy some ink for my printer I got for my birthday .. I still haven't been able to use it 🙁

Tomorrow my boss asked me to take pictures of a basketball team for her.. I'm kind of nervous about this as I hate being in charge, but ah well.

My mom is leaving the house for a week for vacation.  I am kind of nervous abotu this also.. Idk, I gues I hate being home alone in case something happens 🙁  I shoul dbe okay though as there ar epeople here to help me like my boyfriend and my dad.

That's about all I have to write for today.


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