Alright folks, I swear that I\'ve taken my meds and that I haven\'t totally gone off the deep end (yet) but I\'m really excited.  Those who know me know that I\'ve been writing for awhile now. The direction of my writing wasn\'t always clear. I wasn\'t always sure if it would turn into a book, a screenplay, a musical or just some mad scribblings that the men in white coats would someday look at and say " Well this explains SO much!" 

I was feeling a little sorry for myself this week because I had wanted to enter LOGOS competition for new talent. The winner gets an al expence paid trip to NYC for a live audition. By the time I got my proverbial **** together, the competition had gone into round 2 so it was evident that I had missed the boat, at least for this season….ALright , hence the pity party. I knew that it wasn\'t going to be easy but the next avenue in the school of hard knocks (of which I have a Bachelors degree btw) was to call the local Comedy Clubs in Atlanta to get a spot in their "Open Mic Nite" lineup. If you have been to one of these then you know just how BRUTAL and unforgiving these can be. A newbie is literally thrown to the wolves to be savagely rendered to shreds by the audience. Add to that that my material is primarily with a gay slant…is totally un PC …and may or may not include the fact  that i\'m hiv+….well I was already shaking in my Jimmy Chews.

I have taken up the saying, and it\'s probably not original, but " The longer I live, the less I believe in coincidence."

Last night, my partner Adam came home from his job managing the Restaurant and as he always does on Thursday, he brought me the lastest copy oF a popular local gay magazine called "DAVID". I wont do it the injustice of calling it a fag rag because it has gotten a bit sleeker lately and has some really interesting articles from a regular staff of talented writers plus lots of useful information about good places to eat…local entertainment, local events etc….

 OK, I was skimming through the mag whe I came across the section called "Datebook" that plots and describes upcoming events and so forth.  Something caught my eye….It said " Live From Club Europe" and went on to say a short piece encouraging people to "check out local amateur poets, vocalists,dancers,poets, musicians , impersonators and comedians."

****SCREECH OF BRAKES****    what did that say??  Alright….long story even longer, I screwed up my nerve and called the phone number that they provided.  A very pleasant man ( i assumed, but hey I\'ve been worng before! ) answered and after asking him about the times and requirements of the auditions he tell me that they have been short on auditions from comedians and that they would be delighted if I would come outfor an autition .

After I started breathing again, I asked him how much material would I need. If you don\'t know….you can THINK you  have tons of material, but when youre onstage…the them flies by and you\'d be amased just how much you can cover in a mere minute or two.To my releif , he told me that auditions were onlly % minutes…10 at the most! WHEW !  WHen he asked if I had enouth material  to cover that I had to relly try to to scream  " YEAH! STANDING ON MY HEAD EVEN  "  He thought that was funny and I wasn\'t trying to be…maybe a good sign?

He also told me that I could do it a different way by being a part of the Sunday nite Talent Contest. The winnergets automatic placement in their weekend lineup.  I\'m not so sure I care for my schitck to be judged alongside that talent of  singers,& poets and Drag Queens ( OH MY! ) That would be like comparing fruits and NUTS wouldn\'t it?

Alright, here is the real kicker: by chance, the man I was talking to is the director of talent for the club and he\'s  connected with the LOGO channel ( a gay cable show folks) and the ongoing lineup of its seasonal programing….What are the chances?? 

He really wants me to come out and audition this coming Saturday or be in the Talent show….my choice.

What do I do Friends? I  don\'t mind telling you that IM SCARED TO DEATH…but this could be the opportunity to short-circuit the usual lengthy process of getting that big break. By the way, he went on to tell me that he has auditioned local Atlanta talent who have gone on to LOGO, NYC, and Hollywood….like I needed to hear anything else to put the fear into me.

Well, feedback friends….positive feedback….negative feedback…but please HONEST feedback is needed.

Now if you\'ll excuse me, I have to go throw up.



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  1. LoriB 13 years ago

    I say go for it, if nothing else the experience will help, but I am sure you will knock ’em dead. And just think how proud you will feel after you have conquered the initial fear factor.

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