The black endless sky is beautiful tonight. I’m not sure why, it just looks.. so peaceful and empty. The cool air is a nice change from the warm day that we had today.

We are so small. I wonder if the extra terrestrials out there have feelings like ours? I most definatly think there is inteligent life out there somewhere. How can we possibly be the only life forms in the entire universe? Earth is tiny.

I was watching a very interesting doco on the Sphinx today. Ancient Egypt has always facinated me. It proves that we don’t need amazing technology to accomplish amazing feats. I would love to travel there one day.

Went out for lunch today. Had some Snapper and salad, then as a treat some waffles with maple syrup. The last time I had waffles was when I was at my dead grandmothers house.

Everytime I was there we would have waffles with icecream and berries. It made me think of her. She’s been dead for about 5 years now. I never really got to know here that well concidering the circumstances that I found out about my father. She was a strange sort of person. She sometimes looked so frail, yet very strong. She loved playing on the computer. She was the first person over the age of 70 that i seen on a PC. lol. I remember she was a horror movie lover.. Like me. She had VHS videos lined the walls. I’d hate to count how many were there. Someone brought her "The Sound Of Music" She nearly died. Definatly not her type of show. The scarier the better!

I guess what she was most known for was the clocks. In the living room there were clocks everywhere. Around 30 i would guess. These weren’t just normal clocks either. Her clocks had to be NOISY ones. Like the ones that chime or make a noise every hour. I remember the train one that let out a loud train whistle and the typical "Chugga chugga" of a train. Amongst the train I also remember a dog, cat, bird,rocketship and of course the good old cookoo. There were many others too. One night I was "sleeping"- well trying to sleep out there, with all this noise every hour not much sleep was to be had. lol.

There was the great Knome affair too. She had a collection of garden knomes. All painted with red and blue (her favourite football team of course!) One day one of my cousins stole the knome and hid it. She knew that one of the family took the thing. It was a running joke with everyone. Everyone knew it was Darren. She never did find out. At the funeral on the handouts Darren admitted it was him. She was a real joker and had lots of fun. Never affraid of a joke and always telling them. Dirty ones too!!! lol

She had these "Do’s" as she would call it. Where my cousins and family from Dads side would all come around. They were always fun. Good food, and not bad company either.

Her sister I never got along with. For some reason she never liked me. She always had a nasty tone with me. Her daughter too always treated me like an absolute dog and never hid the fact either. When she broke her leg, I was being helpful and getting her things like drinks ect, and her comment was "My worst enemy is now my best friend".. I’ll never forget that.  I think there was quite a bit of anamosity against me with that side of the family actually.Concidering the circumstances i’m not really that surprised. I mean for a daughter to be suddenly on the scene after 10 years.. bit odd. One of my uncles on dads side was always kinda mean to me. My other aunt and uncle were lovely. They have a couple of kids a few years older than me. The invited me to the weddings and everything. I stayed out at their place a couple of times.

The funeral was the first funeral that I’d ever been at. I didn’t cry at all until a song that she loved was played. "True Blue" By John Williams. When I hear that song I always tear up. When we got back for the wake, I went down to the park by myself. Just to think and get away from everyone. Darren was the one that came and found me actually. We had a bit of a chat and a laugh and a cry.

I would have liked to get to know nan better. I do wish we had have had more time. I wish I didn’t see her in the hospital just before she died. I’ll definatly remember these small funny things that make me smile. I wish I had a picture of her.

This is the first time I’ve actually wrote anything about her. I guess that waffles can do that sort of thing. :o)

R.I.P Nan.



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