Illusion of perfection
this perfect little princess
no one sees her pain
the way she bottles it up inside
she’ll most likely go insane
she has everything she could want
there is nothing else she needs
how could she feel so unhappy
in this perfect life she leads?
she has all the material things
she can even get the guys
but she’s searching for internal happiness
in this perfected life of lies
if only people knew
the thoughts that go through her head
maybe they’d reach out to this princess
before she ends up dead
luckily she’s afraid of death,
the thought of never awakening
hopefully this fear stays with her
so her life does not come to an end
everyone sees the small things
they don’t make the connection
if they were to look at the big picture
they’d see it’s all an illusion of perfection.
                               Alicia A. Vasquez, age 19

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