Yesterday was a good day. We went to church.  I go about 3 times a year.  The sermon was mainly that God doesn't judge you on which type of car that you drive or what clothes you wear, but mainly on what you do in this life.  It's your inside that he judges you on. 

There was a service for all the people that had passed away from the parish in the last year.  They had a 9ll style mass where they read the person's name who had passed on and then a relative from the parish brought up a rose in there name and put it in a vase.  They mentioned one of the three soldiers that had died from our city in the war in Afghanistan. All three have been in there early 20's. That was very sad. It reminded me too, that we will all die some day and that life is short.  This year has gone by fast.     

I  know this may seem crazy, but since my breakup, there has literally been some higher power watching over me.  Letting me watch certain shows to send me messages or making me hear certain songs more vividly.  This has honestly helped me through.

All I've been thinking about is how sucky it is to be single.  The real reason that I've been missing him is that he was my best friend and certainly easy to talk to.  At the end, he spoke about my SA being a challenge. (I never knew he felt this way) I've really thought about that and don't want to make my SA a challenge for other guy's that I wish to date.  I've really turned something that hurt me at first into a positive.   

Yesterday, I was great and happy to be single. I took my nieces to get pizza. The pizza guy was hot.  I never see guys that look like this. He seemed nice and hot! A great combo. The guy at Little Caesar's said Have a Nice Day Girls. Referring to my nieces.  They weren't paying any attention and ran out of the pizza store. I saw a guy wearing a Winter Army Hat, a blue hoodie and khaki's crossing the street.  He was a hottie! I also saw a guy with a black hoodie and brown khaki pants coming out of Home Depot. He looked shy.  My 7 year old niece, opened the door and said my Auntie _____ likes you.  I could see him grinning, then he dropped a box. I felt bad but thought that it was cute.     I'm liking guys as if I was 15 again.  The freedom of being single.  It's amazing!




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