I woke up this morning, got dressed, and booted up 3 of my antique computers.
I needed a word file from the half dead computer.
When I went to access that file, the computer failed to respond.
After that, I noticed it wasn’t on the network, so I went directly to that computer, and locked it up by using mouse keys.
That shouldn’t have happened.
So I tried to reboot, and it wouldn’t do it.
I shut it off at the power switch, and turned it back on to see what came up on screen.
Only one of the hard drives showed on screen.
The wrong one.
So, I pulled the computer out, and found the primary hard drive had become disconnected.
So, after spending a half hour monkeying around with that, I finally got my file.
After all of that, I popped a movie in the DVD player.
I went to turn the volume up, and the TV didn’t respond to the remote. So, I pushed the volume down button on the remote, and the TV responded immediately.
So, I go to the TV and turn the volume up.
Then I put a new set of batteries in the remote, and Volume up still didn’t work.
That didn’t surprise me as the remote didn’t act like it had dead batteries in the first place.
I pulled out my battery tester, and checked both sets of batteries.
The new set registered 3.1 volts.
Definitely new.
The old set registered 2.7 volts.
Definitely not dead by a long shot.
The tester loads the batteries to give an accurate reading, so my readings would actually be a bit higher if I used a regular volt meter.
So, I put the batteries back in the remote, and tried to turn the volume up again.
As the remote wasn’t responding, I pushed the button harder.
That led to more problems.
Appearantly, I don’t know my own strength as the remote broke into three pieces, and cut my hand.
I could have done that with a hammer, and a knife. I didn’t need that happening with just a thumb.
So now I don’t have a remote for my TV.
The remote has two buttons on it that the TV doesn’t have, and if the power goes out, will render the TV unusable when repowered.
I must have the remote to unlock controls, and switch inputs.
So, being fed up by this time, I hop in my car to get smokes, and coffee.
I get to the gas station to get tobacco, and they’re out of my brand.
So, I buy Tops instead.
I get back out to the car to find that my radiator took a schitt while I was inside.
Temp was ok, so now I’m at the resturant sucking coffee.
My question is now…
Maybe I’ll split a hydrogen atom just for fun. There’s enough radio active material in old smoke alarms to assist me in that.
Got salt?

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  1. dr_fruikenstein 16 years ago

    The mention of salt is just something to get my humor back up.
    Salt has iodine in it.
    Iodine protects part of the body from radio active exposure.
    Splitting a hydrogen atom is the same way a nuclear bomb explodes.
    So, got salt is an inside joke.

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