Another day another blog as they say.

In these current times of uncertainty, I like many others have experienced periods of furious workloads coupled with moments of abject boredum.

I have always been something of an amateur poet, hardly noteworthy as a modern day bard, yet in my boredum I have found myself opening up more to the creative power within me, revisiting some old dear friends, great literary figures from the brave and bold to the meek and meagre, always complex, always imitative of life.

I have been struck with a newfound passion and drive to do more, and overcome by a great desire to, as Roald Dahl put it, “nurture strong young minds with my voice, sending out books into the world like ships on the sea”.

During lockdown, I have rapidly come to the conclusion that a much needed change is stirring within me. A change of career, a change of circumstance, a change of life, a change of fate, call it what you will, but one which is inexplicably propelling me forward from nursing to literature.

Don’t get me wrong, I am forever greatful for the things that a life in nursing has given me, a wealth of experiences, the beauty of life and death in one short breath, but now and old breath of life must be expired and a brand new freash , clean, bright breath must be inspired.

I guess lockdown has thrown up a lot of unexpected twists and turns for everyone, not all of them good, but a force which has, none the less, required deep soul searching. I must be brave, take a leap of faith, and with my trusty pen in hand, write the next chapter in my life.

Maybe that’s my message in these unprecedented times, don’t be afraid to dream, it is our most human quality, don’t be afraid to follow it, you might well achieve it, take that deep new breath and jump forward into tomorrow.

  1. peanut82 1 year ago


    I know the feeling having good stable job and nice life. However, finding myself not enjoying things I used to. Recently feeling like my current path is not me and that there is something missing. Slowly have been getting back into my woodworking and volunteering which has helped. How is your poetry?

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    • Author
      skynewwavebrad 1 year ago

      Volunteering is always good, I too get a lot out of it too. I enjoy poetry because to me it’s truth. I aspire to be inspiring, as Shakespeare said “I am not only witty in myself, but the cause of wit in other men”.

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