It turns out I must be good at color rinsing my hair!

My mother in law accused me of spending a lot of money at a beauty salon!

I will take that as a compliment even though it was intended as a insult.

A important tip is start with hair that needs to be washed.  If your hair is freshly washed, the color and extra shine doesn’t last as long.

Also, rinse hair with cold water or cold / barely warm water.  It brings out shine.

I value having healthy hair.

What am I doing regarding products and procedure?

I buy three different color rinses semi permanent wash out ones that are gentle.

One is the color of my hair (for shine)

one is lighter than hair color (to use on top section with a paint brush) no bleaching or lightening.  It looks like highlights because I use a darker color under the lighter color

one is darker than my hair color

  1.  Braid top layer of hair in sections to get it pit of the way
  2. put (comb) darkest color towards last few inches of hair if it is long.
  3.  Put (comb) color that matches hair color under braided top layer section and all the way to the ends
  4. Undo the braids in top section.
  5. Brush on lightest color over this layer of hair (a shade or many shades lighter than your natural color)
  6. bonus tip- use darker color on the inner and outer corners of eyebrows using old mascara wand or w tip
  7. then in middle of eyebrows use the color that marches your hair color
  8. then across middle add the lighter color on top     Remove color rinse from eyebrows in 30 minutes or leave it longer depending on your color rinse product    Mine says not to use on eyebrows and not to get product in eyes.   Close eyes when rinsing out product on hair and then dry forehead.   Wipe off eye brow color with a cotton ball or tissue. Apply lotion or hair conditioner

It takes five minutes.   The semi permanent with no bleach and no ammonia a really one gentle / conditioning one that I use recommends 30 minutes with a shower cap.  I leave it in longer.

Rinse hair with cold water.   Then shampoo roots only and condition from the ears level down.   Gently detangle hair with fingers or a comb.  Rinse again.   Apply a little more conditioner.   Do not use a towel to wrap your hair in.   Use a cotton t shirt or silky slip or silky sleep cap.  Wipe off eyebrow color rinse (it makes eyebrows look thicker or filled in and lasts for a week.)

Now, you can be accused by someone for paying someone else to do your hair!

I can do another blog on cutting curly or wavy hair verses straight hair!



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