As I sit here watching House I am reminded that to give up is not within my nature. I have travelled down to my old base to close out this chapter of my life and my career. Perhaps it is just as well.

My camera is charged and ready to go. There is a 400 year old oak tree that I'm going take a picture or two of.

In anycase it is good to find closure with the past and and glimpse into the future when you read the last page of a book well loved. So on that note here is a word from me to you.

An excerpt from the Book “Word and Writ- A Tinkers Rheed” By: JonMichaeil Saraestov

By chance a journey ne'er full-filled,
On the road perilous the walk will be.

A song or two sung in stillness,
Of light gathered from the willow-wisps dance.

St. Briget oh, guide me upon this path,
My footsteps make steady and sure to be.

For the book it closes and the end approaches,
Glimpsed within the pages of word and writ.

For now unto this genteel land,
A blackened raven now doest approach.

Its call a rheed unto the song of the tinker,
Whose pathway a strand into the pattern woven is.

His pots and pans the moonlight reflects,
Silvered music from his fiddle is heard.

As the fey from word and writ emerge,
From crispened embers of long burned fire.

They of those and those of they,
Round the circle and reason gone awry.

Ne'er full-filled the road perilous,
Thy song in stillness twill not be heard.

To thee, to thee and only thee,
The raven shalt call.

Be brave old soul and listen only,
To thy Rheed culled from a Tinker's fiddle.

The song of destiny paired with truth,
That wilt of thine own soul proove true.

The book hast closed upon thy past,
Now to the future must ye look.


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