The world and life while baffling are truly wonderful, and life is beautiful! This can be too true when you have love. When love is in your life and is your way of life it seems difficult to have an unmanageable day!


This is so well conveyed by the character of Guido in the movie “Life Is Beautiful by Roberto Benigni who in his trials and tribulations whilst being incarcerated in a concentration camp during WW2 carries a smile all the way to his death, for the love of his wife and child. You would agree it was touching no doubt, yet truly admirable and uplifting.


For those who are not familiar with this film, do your self a favor and see it!


You can choose to love, because love makes you happy, you don’t need to wait for a reason to love, for love is all around you!


There is no good reason to suffer and while we can find many excuses to suffer, it becomes a choice and hence a reality and thus we can say the same with happiness.


Whilst we can not escape the consequence of life we can choose how we want to live it!


A friend recently passed away who had been fighting a terminal illness for some time

and when asked in his last few days if he could change anything in his life, what it would be, he replied  "simply "not to have worried so much. Whilst I knew he had made his peace I am humbled, knowing that he would have given anything to trade shoes with me!


Yes this tall order to fathom or follow, however with practice and patience will enrich your life.



I sincerely do not mean to belittle or undermine your individual circumstances, fears or pain ,however rather to extend an optimistic viewpoint that you may or may not choose to endorse.

Inspired by “Life Is Beautiful (Italian: La vita è bella)” Roberto Benigni and the words and writing of Don Miguel Ruiz


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