There are things in life that u can't hold on forever, no matter how hard you FIGHT for it..Sometimes DESTINY isn't always GOOD. It becomes PLAYFUL… When you met someone you learned to LOVE, you thought it was DESTINY who made your PATHS cross. But what if making your PATHS cross is just a part of the GAME that the PLAYFUL DESTINY creates? Making you realize in the end that the person u thought was destined for you wasn't really meant to STAY. But is only destined to make you " FEEL LOVED and LEAVE YOU WHEN YOU'VE ALREADY FALLEN ". This is my blog written March 17, 2013, this is related to the blog I write below. 

There are two results of pain, it hurts you and the other it changes you.

 "Emotional pain hurts more than the physical pain". Pain caused by emotional distress is more deeply felt and longer lasting than that caused by physical injuries. This is true. I have been through lot of pains and I know others do too. Pain caused by frustrations, depressions, failures, rejections and betrayal. We feel this kind of pain in cases when "people" do not behave to us in the ways that we had expected as well as in situations where "life" does not give us what we feel we need or deserve.

Through the years I have ever been in a situation when others lie or deceive me. Some reject and criticize me. I have loose a loved one. My loved one who show preferences to another. Accused of something I do not do. Some who does not support me when I need them. Some situation I feel hurt when I have not received the respect love, affection, loyalty and kindness that I am expecting. And recently I feel hurt when the thought I succeeded and I failed coz' everything changes when I was diagnosed. I lose the things that will be a reason for me to do things that will make me happy. I lose my fortune and I get weak. And again I feel I have been used and played with my heart and feelings.

But I realized that's how life works. Life is tough. Things happen for a reason and for us to evolve. I realized that there are positive alternatives of feeling hurt

." I knew and learn to have faith." Learn to get rid of negative feelings and seek to discover what I have learned through those experiences. The lessons I have makes me discover the strength and self-worth within me. This means realizing that we are whole within and can feel safe, worthy and fulfilled regardless of what is happening around us thus, everything that cause us to feel pain is also an opportunity to learn our inner spiritual self and move on beyond the pain. "

"I have realize that we are the one who creates our mistakes that able us to get hurt" That we are the sole creator of our reality. My past thoughts, words and actions. My present beliefs, feelings and needs and how I interpreted what had happened. Thus others are simply actors of the scenario of the life on the script they have written. We can create happier reality by transforming our beliefs, learning our lessons and interpreting events in different ways as opportunities for growth rather than injustices."

“I have learned to forgive and forget the past." In light for what I have said above, others are not responsible for our reality and so we can easily forgive. Forgiveness frees us from negative feelings and allows us to transcend the pain. Thus, we can overcome emotional pain by realizing that every event is what we need to evolve, learning the lessons involved and forgive others and ourselves."

"And last that I have always believe in God that He has been my wind beneath my wings". That no matter how I suffer in pain God will comfort me and never leave me. He will not let me fall. God loves us and guide us. For "Him be the glory!.










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