Sorry bit if a rant its just annoying me and just need to get it out. I've got this friend which I love her to bits but she's anoying the helm out of me at the moment. This will sound so stupid but when I text her she hardly replies unless shes needs something which wouldn't bother me if she was never on her phone but she's constantly on it texting others or on bloody facebook so I feel likes Shes ignoring me and I have issue with rejection so I end up blanking her fir a few days as my way of dealing with that emotion. And also shes getting quite friendly with an ex of mine which yeh hes an ex but it dosnt make me feel good when its right in front of my face. I know she didn't like him like that hes not her type at all but she's loves attention from blokes ands that's what's anoying because if shea generally liked my ex then id put personal feelings aside as it would mean something but because its just flirting its annoyed me. A few weeks ago my ex brought one of these loom band things in and he gave it to her and she was wearing it for days knowing that part of me still has a thing for him, I just think your friends just don't do that sort of thing, I know I wouldn't with a friend I would of rejected the bracelet . But I felt like she was doing it for the attention.i know I sound so perfectic buts its annoying me ands it making me really question my friendship with her. She is a very attention seeking person and even admits that her self and I'm quite tolerant with her so I just let it go over my head a lot as I'm very much blend in with the crowd kinda person, but sometimes I just wish she thought of how what she does can effect others. Sorry just a rant I'm just wound up again. Shes not a bad person and has been there for me through some tough times but lately the attention thing just seems to be getting worse and I think I'm not handling it well.


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