i met these two guys at a camp josh and daniel. They are best friends they have been for eight years! so when i first met them i was trying to get with Josh but daniel really liked me so josh back off me and me and daniel started dating. well to find out me and daniel fell in love but i still kinda liked josh even tho me and daniel had been going out for years. well me and daniel decided we were getting married but then he moved 3000 miles away to alaska. so me and him decide we would stay together because he was coming back in a year. well when he left i started hanging out with josh everyday and still do because while me and daniel were together me and josh become best friends i tell him everything. so the other night me and josh were sitting in my car together talking and he turns to me and told me he loved me more then as a friend. i had always had feelings for him but i let them go because i feel in love with daniel. so this brought back a lot of things. me and josh ended up kissing and my heart has not rased that fast in a long time. so now i am confused because i am in love with daniel but now i am starting to fall in love with josh to. how do i pick? josh asked me to pick him or daniel that night and i could not do it. i am so in love with daniel i was going to spend my life with him but then all the sudden i am wanting to be with josh! do i keep waiting for daniel to move back in a few months and keep my plan with him and stay best friends and secertly have feelings for josh or do i just brake up with daniel and be with josh. i dont know i need help i am in love with them both.


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