So, DF is no longer DF. I'll now refer to him as DH. That's right. We went and got hitched this morning–in secret. Well, my mom was there, and so was his best friend M. No one on his side will know we got married until we have a reception next summer. He tried to explain the situation and why we were going to just do it in private and his sisters blew it all out of proportion and kept pushing for an invite anyway–which sort of defeats the purpose. We just can't invite everyone. They'll wait for some big celebration that we can't deliver.

They all want a party and can't concieve of why we'd be unable to acomodate one. We need to marry now, for medical/insurence purposes and we don't have the money. We did just buy a house too. It sort of pissed us both off and he decided that if they couldn't understand that this whole thing is not about them, then they can be left in the dark for the next year.

My family was perfectly understanding, and so they're savvy to the situation because they'll keep it quiet.

I wore a black and white polka-dot dress and mary jane pumps–sort of a rockabilly inspired motif. If I was going to get hitched in court, I was going to rock it proudly.

So I'm a Mrs. today. No big to-do, no bells and whistles. Just some vows in front of a judge and a few drinks at the local bar. That's perfectly okay. My only sore spot is that DH can't wear his ring, or his sisters and long-time work friends will be butt-hurt over not having been invited. But today, he's wearing it–and man does he wear ite well. I wish we could tell everybody, to call me Mrs. DH, but I can't. Only my mom and brother and sister know. It's sort of lonely, but not alone.

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  1. flowermantis 11 years ago

    I totally LOVE Mary jane shoes! I am 5 feet 9 inches so gorgeous flat mary janes are shows i adore.Congratulations on your marriage .


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