Mi; Mo here. Joined over a week ago.

As I said in my profile "I now find myself asking WTF?"

Well, I do. Like yesterday when I had a panic attack out of nowhere in my livingroom just hangin out….or should I say just getting by.. Wanted to die just so I would stop feeling that way .( NO I AM NOT SUICIDAL.) Like when I went to Black Friday and some lady in SuperTarget tried to shove her grocery cart up my a** because she couldnt see beyond hergiant flippin'flat screen tv. Like when I open a collection letter but it has been disguised as a check.

So….I was wondering if anyone would like it if I started a group where people could post their "WTF!??" 's. Would it be innapropriate? Is it a stupid idea? Am i delusional that I think this is a stroke of genius lol ?

It could be a serious post or a funny one……just whatever anyone wants to vent/share about that one special moment in your day.

Any takers?

On a side note: went to Black Friday to distract myself from the skin crawling anxiety late in the night. Didnt go by myself or drive in case I had "issues". Very surprised that my social anxiety or otherwise wasnt triggered in the middle of chaos at Super Target (we left without the Ipod and the free $40 gift card – the line was 100 people long — but I did get get a grat deal ofna fuffy new bathrobe) It was probably due to going with my VERY supportive partner who has a way of calming me down, keeping me on point, creating a tunnel straight to her that blocks out the insanity. She is my codependent rock lol.

Well, I have taken up enough of your time….ANY comments/feedback on the group appreciated. I havent started it yet as maybe no one is interested.

Have a happy Friday.


  1. shindo09 11 years ago

    i just want to see more people in the regular chat room. why start a group, when most of the times i come in here, there is no one there, or just a few(2 or 3)
    i know what u mean, by jumping off the cliff just to get rid of the feeling. panics won\'t will u they say. bullshit. they will stress u until u have a heart attack, or they will make u so miserable, that u jump off the cliff, cause u know u have no future, other then more misery.

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  2. Mo 11 years ago

    Art; THATS EXACTLY what I had in mind……doesnt seem to be any takers \'cept you and me…. : )


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