How the heck did KC beat Denver!?  Bronco's are way better!  suddenly KC got better it looks like. . they are now tied.  blah. . .  i didn't get to see the game cuz we don't have cable at my parents house. . . 🙁  even tho i thought it was on local tv, but it wasn't i guess. .  blah. . i'm so upset.  I hate the Cheifs. . .  plus i like rubbing it in everyone's faces when they lose. . lol. its alright. . Bronco's just had a bad week, they'll be back on top this week. i know! lol

anywhy work last night was interesting. .  i got there and i told my co-workers "my organs are jittery" (from the coffee)  apparently they thought that was alot more disgusting and strange that i expected. . heh.  and i HATE my manager. . ok, i like her as a person, she's got a lot of the same interests as me. . . except she's old. . BUT she's a horrible manager, and she doesn't listen to the higher up bosses.  .. it was Friday night and i had to run ONE window by myself.  it sucks!! meaning, i have to do everything but make the food, and since i have 9 hr shifts and am the last overnighter to leave I have to get EVERYTHING done before i leave that shoulda been done but my manager is a lazy b****  blah!   oh well. . . by 1am, i thought i was gonna pass out the caffiene was gone. heh. . and i had 6 hrs left of work. . but somehow i managed. . and i even stayed an extra 20 minutes and made it home safely so i guess all is good. . .


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