I feel like an empty shell. I feel like I had big dreams, big ambitions, big hopes… but somewhere along the way I just got lost. I don’t know where i am, i don’t know what i’m doing, i don’t know where i’m headed, i don’t know anything. I’m not who i was. I’m not the person i want to be. I’m not me.

But i tell myself it’s okay, it will be okay, i’m fine, i will be fine. But i’m really just blinding myself from the truth, i’m pushing it aside so i don’t have to deal with reality. And like that, day by day, time passes. Time passes and i’m still lost.

People are selfish, they crave attention. I’m selfish too, i want someone to see me, to save me, to make me okay, because that’s the easy way. Having someone do the hard stuff for you. But life doesn’t work like that.

  1. erika0401 2 years ago

    I feel the same. I’m curious to hear more about your story. Please tell me. 🙂 Erika

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