I dont know if its sad or what. Its so weird that just little words, can make someones day. I know its sad, when words can ruin someones day, week or year. Im not one for letting words upset me, i was brought up on the old stick and stones saying. But simple words like, i care, you are in my thoughts, you can do it, mean alot to me. Sometimes im at a loss of words, when someone tells me what they are going thru. I hate it when anyone has to deal with there problems by themselves. Alot of times we only have words that we can give one another. It doesnt seem like much, but it is. I know i have bad days, hate the world, and all it takes is one person to ruin my pity party. No matter what i say, they make my day.. You dont know what is going on in someones life, when they lash out at ya. But i have a feeling they are hurting, mentally or physically. You have two choices. Give them what they gave you, or show them the love. Im not perfect in any way. And ive lashed out at people thati should of showed them i cared cause after i thought about it awhile,thats what they wanted, was for them to know that someone cares.And all it would take are 3 or 4 simple word to make there day.This is just something that was on my mind. Dont know if imright or wrong.But i have a challenge for everyonethat reads this blog and everyone you tell about this blog, that the next time someone tries to ruin your day, or makes you mad, show'em some love. It cant hurt and you neverknow. YOU MIGHT MAKE SOMEONESDAY,MONTH, AND YEAR BY SHOWING THEM THAT YOU CARE. I would love to be right on this one, but if im not,if just one personcanmakesomeonesday, then writting this blog did its job.anthony


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