So I’ve had a really bad day but I was fine. Then in Math(my last class) I had to stay late. So class is dismissed at 2:40, busses leave at 2:48. I didn’t get out of class until 2:45! Then I had to walk pass the storm of people leaving for busses. I had to walk halfway across the school!!! By the time I got to my bus, we were about to leave. It was 2:48. By now I was really overwhelmed. Then I had to sit on the floor of the bus cause this  entitled girl wouldn’t let me sit with her! She was sitting alone! By now I was in tears. The people started noticing. Everyone in front of me was staring, countless people asking me if I was okay. I started crying even more, I just wanted these people to leave me alone! So now my entire bus knows that I get mental breakdowns. Yay.


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