First I need and want to Apologize to everyone and especially Digi for my irrational behavior and derogatory statement that I had made !!!!!

        That person was not me , I am a very Loving , Caring and Considerate person . I just got caught up into a lot of emotional issues , really . So so much piled up inside of my thoughts and I didn\'t want to ask for help so instead I became implosive . Then Digi was the one I erupted on , however Digi did not deserve it . He is a very nice man and just so happen to be in my aim of fire . SORRY DIGI YOU DID NOT DESERVE THAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

          As the Lady I usually am , I did ask for permission to write this Blog and being the Man Digi is gave me permission and accepted my apology !

          I truly missed this Site , however on Facebook I had the privelege to view the Family album and see all my family as they are today . I had time to grieve and they say crying cleanses the soul well my soul will be clean for the next two years . 

          I have to start over from scratch asking for friend requests , but if you decline  I understand why . 

          I wrote this Blog especially for Digi and whom ever else was offended ,  so please accept my apologies again .


PEACE , LOVE AND MANY APOLOGIES TO ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!      LI LI\"\"\"\"\"\"

  1. just_digi 13 years ago

    welcome back lis. if you ever feel that way again ,reach out to someone be it here or someone close to home.   as i told you in a mesaage your apology is accepted and i know it took alot for you to come back and face it.. now its time to move on.

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  2. lisa218 13 years ago

    Thank you everyone that has understood what I had gone through , especially Digi , you are more the man  than I could have thought after that degrading statement and now it is time to turn the page and start a whole new year , I am looking forward to Christmas and a New Year and a new start in life involving all aspects of my life .


                                                                                       LI LI

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