Last tuesday i was at one of the immigration facilities here in Berlin. Having been invited to carry out identification of some fellows who are here illegally and claim to be from my country. It is one of those routine pieces in my work schedule ( more on that in another blog). It happens averagely once every 4 months. It is done together with officers from immigration police.

After handling a number of fellows, in came some young man. So thin that you could see the bones protruding. His lips were burned red, the hair had that malnourished look, the eyes laydeep inside the sockets. I felt a chill allover my body! I could see my self in this young man.

I am not supposed to be biased in my work, but here i was, touched deep inside.I greeted the young man in our local language. He pretended not to know…but i continued and told him to explain to me anything he felt could be of help to him. He resorted to English, opened up and said he was born in mycountry but had lived in Germany for over 17 yrs! This meant he came to this country with his mum as a toddler but was still illegal! Funnily his mother and brother are also in the country but for them legally.

In further conversationand after he had gained confidence, he informed how he was on treatment for AIDS and Hepatitis C. He was therefore worried that any deportation may mean death to him.

I turned to the police officer and requested that ways be found for this young man to continue accessing treatment and to be together with his mother! I told them this was about life and death.. no longer an immigration issue.The police fellows were equally touched. They immedeately promised to write positevely about his case

The young man felt happy.. he smiled and i was happy.. i only pray he is not deported.


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  1. GarySays 11 years ago

      it sounds like you know what youre purpose in life is . im sure that young man will forever have a vision of you in his hear n soul keep up the inspirational work                                                            gary 

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