Ever since I was a little girl I've wanted to change the world. I've always done my best to be extra kind to others and to give as much as possible. However, I've decided that I want to reach people on an emotional level and be able to inspire them to think and to live their lives contemplatively and fully. I want to change the world by changing and opening people’s hearts and minds. For a while now I've been sharing my sketches and prints on several art-sharing websites but my art hasn't captured attention in the way I want it to just sitting online. I have made the decision to become a street artist. I’ll communicate with people using art in the stylings of wheat paste posters as well as spray paint and stencils. This is not the same thing as graffiti- graffiti is a textually based art form that represents small groups of people that the work is intended for; it’s not meant for everyone. I want my art to be representational and to show people that they’re not alone in the way that they feel or think. I want people to see it and say to themselves, “This artist really gets me.” And for those that don’t understand it immediately, I want it to make them think. I want people to stop and decipher the piece, looking inwards for answers. This isn’t just for kicks or the risk of getting caught- I am on a mission. I'm not making trouble, but I am sharing a gift with everyone instead.I want to use my vision to unite people. I haven’t been this excited or enthusiastic about something in a long time; it’s as if I’ve discovered my calling. I am on this earth to relate to others and speak to people through art- to make people feel as if they’re part of a team in this world rather than walking it alone.

  1. NotShakespeare 8 years ago

    Art is awesome, i love it, so i think you made a great choice. How many of us can say that, at least once, we pursued our dreams? Dreams are not only dreams and the first step towards making it true id believing in yourself. I'm sure you'll make it to a great street artist!!! Be safe.

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  2. fishman999 8 years ago

    haveing read your blog go for it you could be another Banksy the famouse street artist if you have never herd of him google it…………..

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