Bad day huh? That kind of day where there's nothing but you and your thoughts? Those thoughts that will help you put you on that road to relapse, don't do it!!! There is so much to live for and the hope inside you will let you know there is a day that will bring those thoughts to a end, where those same thoughts will tell you your great and a king or queen, you are a example of change and hope, people who recover are special in every way, they give the example of a better day and people who have recovered have a obligation to help a man or woman in need. This is a bad day but God makes another day and its your destiny to make it the way you want it, conquer your immature and drug thoughts its a way to run from your problems, but only creating one more for yourself! Take each day and distract yourself by reading or going out to the gym or if your a religious person ask God for guidance and seek out your path, even us addicts have a righteous path of glory ahead of us, don't fall to temptation, make temptation obsolete in your life, learn to conquer it each day and make it something that each time it passes through your mind it fears you! We are survivors and kings in our hearts, each addict is a example of greatness! I know I am and always will be! I wanna be able to let each addict know that because its true. Bad days huh? They don't effect me as they use to, its a brand new day and its beautiful out! Let these words resonate in your head, you have people who love you who want the best for you seek their attention, don't ever be afraid to ask someone for help or to be vulnerable. Reach out and find the answers to your pain, but also remember to reach from within you are great and a symbol for a better day, there is change within your heart and soul!


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