I was 17 years old and my best friend owed my uncle a lot of money for a frony. He had no problem pumping her with lead and dumping her ass into sugar cane field, I tried to explain the severity of the situation but she grew up in a square world, in her reality no one would kill her over a 600,00 debt, WRONG!!!!

I made my way to my uncle Lamberts in Kaneohe and begged him to give her more time," No! " Simple as that, So I told him I was going to help her get the money by the next day, and if I didn't come through, I'd whack her myself.

Okay Baby Girl, yo go take care her, and no fuck around if she no pay up by tomarrow she going be sleeping in the fields. You let her know I no fuck around. Okay uncle I promis every ting going be okay.

The next day at work I asked her how she intended yo pay mu iuncle. athats when she told me her great plan and how she was going to make the money to pay uncle, plus 500.00 more so she could buy a car and keep dealing.

My mom was a junkie my whole life, and I hated her for it, Her using had ripped me off of my childhoof, my college tuition, stability of any kind, and lack of fear. I grew up afraid. Afraid I would get home from school to find that she had moved and forgotten yo tell me where. That I would have to wear dirty cloths to school, that mu counselor would catch me in the hallway with a suppenea in hand for educational neglect, I lived afraid of each new day and what it would bring.

I started working for my moms conection as a appretice jewler and deep down in my soul I knew he had a crush on me, but he had nothing that he could use to btibe me into his bed, I made good money and got great bonuses. Las Vegas over the weekend with fake I.D's. Staying at the Flamingo in Bugsy Siegals suite, Shopping,. AND SPOILED UNLIKE ANYONE 17 SHOULD HAVE BEEN. It was set for Friday night, and Faye crying asked me to go with her as support, She was going to sleep with him for a quarter ounce of China White, and everything would be just fine


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