Finding courage to live life and be yourself, take a chance on your sobriety and make it happen. Your life awaits you while you gain strength, be strong and hold on tight, to recover is to be brave and courageous. be free from drugs and alcohol it will save your life! For years i lied and became something i wasn't because i was afraid of what my secret might do to others if they knew i was a child who got molested by his uncle and dad's sister, for years i was scared and i thought it was my fault for giving them the opportunity to take advantage of a young boy. They told i was adopted so your not my blood and the way you look makes my temptation fire my blood, i was told those words and i shattered like pieces of glass hitting the cold floor.
I was robbed of my childhood and suppressed my secret deep within me and created a person who made from thin air, i hated who i was because the real me is a loving man and honorable man, for years i let this terrible secret take me prisoner and hold my truth back. I was worried of what people would think and how they would react to such a lost soul. the whole time the people that really loved me had there arms open but i was blind to the facts of it all. I was doing drugs and my consisted of waking up and finding pills or heroin to feed my monster. I created a world of shit and i was the mayor, the president, and the congress!
I'm giving away my story every chance I get, I don't want anyone walking down the same path i took! I straighten myself out and i got myself cleaned up and went cold turkey all on my own, yes i tripped and relapsed a couple times but its all part of recovery and now i have 5 years clean under my belt. I am working out my issues with my past and what happened with me, but i refuse to let anyone go through addiction alone because you need all the help in the world. No one deserves to suffer in silence and just take it! we are powerful people and we must be strong and conquer our addictions and make the best of life each day. No matter what you go through reach out and seek the help and never be scared to ask for the help its there whenever you need it, be aware of what makes you because you are golden you are the best and nothing less, its time to get back what is rightfully yours!


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