i have found my light
i have talked to my school counceler and over time our conversations have made me question my beliefs and during our conversation yesterday it all started to make seance i discovered that yes bad things do happen but every thing happens for a reason and in the moment it might not seem like there is no hope but there is and yesterday in my conversation with my school counceler i saw that for the first time since i was pushed into a black whole i eventually found my light and when i did i felt lighter and the light kept getting bigger as the day went on now there is no looking back i have broke down the wall to get through and even when it rains im in a really good place to say that from now on there wont be much more bad days so thank you to all that were able to help me through my barriers thank you to all those who showed me the way and thank you to all those who caused my pain in the past because all of those in my life have made me how i am today thank you

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