So, life, interesting, huh?

Sometimes i’d like to be able to read minds, just to see what people think of me.

My parents are homophobes, i’m bisexual.

My parents are thickheaded and stick with the old, i’m depressed.

Father is constantly angry due to heavy stress from work, i barely see him, when i do he screams at me.

Mother is nice, although she never talks to me because in my family whatever comes out of my mouth is ‘boring’.

My brother believes video games are better than my company.


I’m stuck in a house with these people.

I have a partner i can’t embrace.

I have friends i can’t laugh with.

I have grandparents i can’t sit with.

So many of my friends are texting me saying how they want to escape their house.

I want to escape my mind.

No one will communicate with me so i\’m stuck with the ugly side of my mind.

The side that only ever thinks dark thoughts.


And it’s really too much.

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  1. maitee 3 years ago

    I’m here if you need someone to listen

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