Yesterday Daddy changed the password to most of our WiFi things so we all have to use the same one and it makes everything slow. When I mean all of us I mean even my mom.

Everyone was super mad but not me. I’ve been in this weird hallucinatory place where I feel like someone is holding me when no one is here, or like i’m in a room with bullet proof glass walls and nothing can hurt me.

Last night I got super sad because I don’t think the secure feeling will last. I just decided to not date this guy I really like because it’s just not a good idea, so I feel like I’ve lost him a bit. But it’s okay.

I just want to curl up on someone’s couch and cry for a few hours.

We don’t have a couch and I don’t feel like it’s safe to cry at my house.

So maybe one day i’ll feel okay. maybe one day i’ll be safe. maybe one day i’ll be able to cry it all out. maybe one day someone will care and never stop caring.

i hope so, cause that would be great. but should i even believe that anything good would happen to me?


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