You have to be aware of high maintenance people, these pipo are almost impossible to keep happy. You have to call them on schedule, keep them cheered up, run their errands, meet their demands, be available 24/7, if not, they will get upset and they will do their best to make you feel guilty. High maintenance pipo are almost always controllers, they are not

interested in you, they are interested in what you can do for them, if you fall into that trap of trying to keep the happy, they will wear you out and you will live life frustrated.
Its not your responsibility to keep high maintenance pipo happy, you have to run your own race and don’t let them steal your joy. Your time is too valuable to go around trying to figure out how to keep everybody happy. There are pipo that spend more time worrying about what pipo are going to think about them than they do pursuing their own dreams and goals, you‘ve got to break free from that.
If you are going to do anything great in life, not everybody is going to cheer you on. I would like to say all your friends and family will cheer you on but that’s not the case, some pipo can’t handle your success, if you were where you were 10 years ago, they would have no problem with you, but as you succeed, as God pours out his favour, somebody will get jealous, somebody will start finding faults. A family member or a friend you have been good to for years will criticise you, when that happens, let that bounce off you like water on a duck’s back. If you don’t, you will start changing, being defensive, trying to prove to them that you really are ok, what’s happening is you are letting them squeeze you into their ball.
Your destiny is too great to be destructed by pipo who are never going to like you. Don’t take it personal, its not about you, its about the favour that God put upon your life that stirs up the jealousy in them and until they deal with it, nothing is going to change. Be true to yourselves.

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