March marks twenty years I tested HIV positive. And what better way to be thankful I'm still here, than to have changed my attitude.





Work has actually gotten better since I've had a positive attitude. The resentment I've had towards my supervisor is no longer there. We're communicating now….I wouldn't say we're friends but our work relationship is no longer strained. And I feel that is because I'm learning to 'let go'. It's not easy but it has changed my life for the better.





I lost a friend along the way. I had known her for over 21 years but, she was a bad influence in my life and the negativity she brought to me was no longer tolerated. We lived together many years ago. She would even go on vacation with my mom and I. She was not only a friend, she was a part of my family. The problem she had was alcohol. She loved to drink and I loved to drink with her. That was something in my life I wanted to stop. Unfortunately, she didn't and wasn't going to stop any time soon. I love her dearly and she will always be in my heart but she has chosen a path I no longer wished to travel down. I had to let go.






This is time for me. No one is going to make any changes…..but me. I believe some people are meant to be alone and that's ok. Just because someone is alone does not mean that person is lonely. It's taken me years to not only realise that but to also believe in it.





I'm no longer drinking. I'm still finding myself but I can honestly say, the peace and love I have found within myself ~ have made me internally happy….happy to still be here after twenty years.




Let go and take chances.



Much Love.

Peace All.

  1. MarcAnthony 10 years ago

    Thanks guys. I truly appreciate your words.


    For years, I felt lost. But that wonderful day in September when I came to terms with my cause of the anger and resentment… life changed. Plus, I was tired. Tired of feeling the way I did. Enough was enough.


    In a way, I hope I'm never completely fullfilled so I can continue to find something new about myself everyday!

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  2. kmg1947 10 years ago

    You truly give life new meaning for me. What a wonderful attitude you have. I believe attitude is everything. That is why the Lord allow for you to perservere and in the process blessed you majorly.

    Keep on reaching.


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