I am a 20 year old girl who used to ne full of life , very sweet . Bubbly and outgoing . I enjoyed going to the gym and playing sports . I was diagnosed with HIV in 2018 December and i was in-denial because i trusted the person that i was seeing at the time so I ignored it. The year went on , i started getting sick . Badly . The bf I trusted and loved so much left me to die iin hospital knowing very well he had infected me . Because i was not taking medication i ended having an an infection if i can call it that called PCP which is a bacterial virus / fungi . It caused fever , short breath and all . I felt like i was dying . I couldnt breathe on my own and the very same person that o expected support from moved on with another female who was healthy after he had infected me . The infection got so bad that i ended up in icu . I swear God is good . I was so sick however my creator our God , my redeemer he came through for me, I remember praying and asking him to just heal me . After a week i was out of hospital. I Started taking treatment which had terrible side effects however with the right mind and attitude you will get used to them .

I am still new in this medication saga however i have been good . Ive learnt to accept and forgive.
Drink water , eat fruits and gym . I wish i can express how i feel on gym and just train and get the opportunity to help others


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