Do not ask for love unless you're ready to be healed enough to give and
receive love.

Do not ask for joy unless you're ready to feel and release your pain, so you
can feel joy.

Do not ask for success unless you're ready to conquer the behaviours that would
sabotage success.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could imagine ourselves having or becoming – and
then immediately receiving – what we wanted? We can have and be the good things
we want. All good things are ours for the asking. But first, groundwork –
preparation work – must be done.

A gardener would not plant seeds unless the ground was adequately prepared to
nurture and nourish those seeds. The planting would be wasted effort. It would
be wasted effort for us to get what we wanted before we were ready.

First, we need to become aware of our need or desire. This may not be easy!
Many of us have become accustomed to shutting off the inner voice of our wants,
needs, and desires. Sometimes, life has to work hard to get our attention.
Next we let go of the old programming: the behaviour and beliefs that interfere
with nurturing and nourishing the good.

Many of us have strong sabotaging
programs, learned from childhood, that need to be released. We may need to act
as if for a while until the belief that we deserve the good becomes real.
We combine this process with much letting go, while we are being changed at
the core.
There is naturalness to this process, but it can be intense. Things take time.
Good things are ours for the asking, if we are willing to participate in the
work of groundbreaking. Work and wait.
Today, Higher Power, give me the courage to identify the good I want in my life and to
ask for it. Give me also the faith and stamina I need to go through the work
that must be accomplished first.


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