Well about a week ago I stopped reading the sports on the computer. I was sort of happier since I was not stressed out having to read both a paper and two sports on the computer.

My dad went away this weekend. So I was here watching the family dogs. We were talking Saturday morning about the Yankee /Red Sox game (for any of you who like sports). I had thought that one of the players hit a solo (only himself) Home run as opposed to a two run shot ( home run with another player on  base). I said to myself what is the point of reading the paper if I am doing it  not out of it being for a school project,  wanting to do it or for work? Well I had a real manic night Saturday night ( my dad almost had to come home from where he was). Anyway that night I decided I have to stop reading the paper it is stressing me out. Now I only was getting it for six weeks on a eight week billing cycle.  I do not know if I felt I had to read almost everything due to the fact, I was bored, needed to make my day go by faster or had to get my money worth. I think it was all three.


The problem is my dad gets the paper. Before he left for work I said I could read both papers. As opposed to making some threat like I have the capability to do this or that I was talking about reading papers. Now he told me when he goes away next month he will put a vacation hold on the paper since no one will be reading it.  There were a few times when I was over here before I got into reading the paper or was on a hiatus from it and he did not do that. I have a feeling he is doing it  not to tempt me since it is very hard. I know I should not read it for the reasons I am, but at the same time I am bored, Common sense would say well you know you are not reading it for the right reasons don’t read it. Well, if I was able to remember most of what I was reading I would say who cares what common sense says. I can’t believe two years in a row a paper has defeated me.


Many times the papers are depressing. Also I was only reading one paper. What about the other three in NY? What about all the other papers there are in the country? So if I am reading one why not read them all? The same with the sports site. There is ESPN, MSN, MLB, NHL, WFAN, SI, plus sites for all the teams. You are only reading one site yes I am sure it has most of if not all the information but different markets have different information. Which is the same with the  paper.





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