Well it's been a while since I came off the lexapro and went on strong vitamins, guess what I'm doing better. My mood is better, more energetic. I'm beginning to think we all need this boost of energy from good vitamins, cause not all vitamins are good just fillers ,so go to the health food store and get the ones with strong vitamins B's like in the 1000's yeah and with vegetable coatings no fillers and get with valerian, also I've been reading the Natural Cures book by Kevin Trudeau although alot of political stuff in there, there's alot of learning for us and I know from working as a chiropractic assistant and studying supplements that they do help no matter what doctors say. Doctors push prescriptions from the drug companies. So I read our bodies DNA can be change by what we watch on tv, to driving a car adding a cell phone to this, to just watching our clothes drying at a laundry mat, to stress, microwaves bad, and so on. Our bodies are either acidic or alkaline. Now acidic means we're more open to cancer and alkaline cancer can't thrive at all. So when we eat we're suppose to eat 70% alkaline food and 30% acidic food to balance. If we are stressed our body can change from alkaline to acidic, isn't that weird but that's what I read. There is so much in this book I thought I'd share some thoughts. My hubby and I are taking from "Rainbow Light" stress relief and then I bought some MSM which helps everything in the body, skin, nails, diabetes, candida, hair, so much more. Also take 2 teaspoons of raw apple cider vinegar before each meal and it will help weight loss among other things. Prune juice is a biggy for constipation. If we don't have enough enzymes in our stomach we can't digest our food correctly so it will stick to our insides and slowly digest and then we crave this same food we can't digest, like sweets for instance. After that our digestive tract will bloat and constipation comes in with other problems with our health. So in taking good vitamins and if you have problems with digestion take enzymes, probiotics like acidolpholis bifidus, etc. and drink prune juices, take the raw vingegar. If you have problems sleeping the valerian will relax you. 5 HTP brings up the serotonin levels , ST John Wort is good for depression and ginko biloba is also good for the thinking and people over 50 with depression. So I hope some of this helps. My husband is getting off his pills for irritable bowel syndrome since we've been on our vitamins, MSM, valerian. I'm off my cholestral cause it's suppose to mess my muscles up and could give me a heart attack as I noticed my chest bothering me so I stopped. This was crestor. So I'm hoping to eventually be off all our prescriptions soon. Take care to all and my friends here, God Bless all,,,,,, Babs


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