Change is good…and I'm feeling it, especially at work. I work at a clinic and there's your typical gossip and rumours….I admit, I too would take part of that…but not anymore. I no longer wish to hear nor participate in any negative vibes.


Today, during lunch, a couple of coworkers sat down with me and began bad mouthing another coworker who was not in the room. The Doctor walked in and he too joined in the negative conversation about the other coworker. I wasn't surprised, I've heard him talk about employees to other employees before. He tries to be 'buddies' with certain MA's but this time, I no longer wanted to hear it. I didn't say a word, ate my lunch, got up from the table and went into my office.


I continued talking to my coworkers throughout the day but didn't partake in anymore gossip. Once any one began talking negative about another, I smiled and walked away…..and I feel great about it! There's always an 'instigator' or 'instigators' at anywork place, unfortunately one of them is the Doctor.


I no longer need to be a part of that. Thinking about it, I would go along with others because I wanted to be liked. I had a need to be accepted but not anymore. I like myself, I accept myself and respect myself. I no longer feel I need anyone's approval. It's now my choice whom I accept to be a part of my life, and that includes my coworkers.


I'm not going to be rude to anyone. I'm going to keep saying "Good Morning" and treat everyone with respect. I like my coworkers but I don't like some of the negative attitudes they have. I've now learned to simply walk away from anyone or others who bring any kind of negative vibe. I don't need to participate in that…I choose not to participate. In my part, change is good. Change was needed.


patting myself on the back


Peace All.



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