Nov. 11, 2012…. Where has this year gone ? I feel bad in that I have not updated this site in so long, but – it is what it is. Have been keeping a journal on another site, but that really isn't an excuse. So let me try and fill in the "blanks".

February came and went, March was upon me and 53yrs had passed since the time that I came in to this world. Preparations were being made for a major move that also has came and went. A move that was very necessary and which has proved to have been just what the doctor "ordered".

The next three months I spent in "solitude"adjusting to living by myself again. Much time was taken to simple breathe and learn how to appreciate life. A lot of healing came from that.

July brought about some things that I had not felt in a long time, primarily in the area of personal relationships. I opened myself up to "dating" again and started to experience the "first throws" of love. Several infact. New found inspiration brought forth a flood of art work from my heart and soul as well as quite a bit of poetry. Deeply longing to be connected once again to someone special in my life brought about many challenges, some of which are not worth even mentioning. But asquickly as it came – it left. Boston in October was a disaster and left many deep wounds. So I found myself as a "reclusive artist" once again.

Finally accepting (yet still longing) that "love" may just not be something that the universe desired for my life this go around, I let go of it. And as soon as I had "sworn off" falling in love again – "He" came into my life.

It was a late evening on October 28th at 7:31 pm. As I was checking emails, I noticed a "flirt" had come across through a "dating site" of which I still belonged to. (Yeah right you say – why did I still have a profile on one of those sites – well I am a "hopfull" romantic still"). Anyway 5 minutes later I responded to the flirt of a man who I found extremely handsome, but yet inside feeling that this would be no different than previous experiences, yet I replied all the same as a courtesy. Flirts became messages, that eventually became emails. As we corresponded more the interest grew. And then I found myself "feeling once again". Emails turned into phone calls, and now after many hours of interacting those feelings have grown intensely.

And today, I am simply – "once again" – enjoying the journey called life.

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  1. yk 11 years ago


    Enjoy it and make it last forever….

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