Be content whatever your circumstances…


Be content whatever your circumstances… Huh??? What???? Yeah Right!!…is that what you're thinking? Well….


I am NO expert and I will say that right here and now…however, I have heard and been involved in my share of debates on this topic and figured I would share my opinion and ask for yours! The standard disclaimer being I speak for none other than myself with these views.


Ever noticed when you smile at a complete stranger…they, 99% of the time, they smile back?? Have you ever wondered why that is? I believe, it's because of a natural reaction…happy welcomes happy…as does grouchy, so be careful! {smiles}


If you are truly happy with yourself…how could anyone else not be happy with you…no matter what circumstance we are talking about…whether friendship or something more serious.


To be content with ones self, you need to take a good close look at yourself…now this may seem strange to you…but it works…


Go strip your clothes off and stand in front of a mirror…I know…I know…if you're anything like me (halfway normal! lol), you're thinking…"Why on earth would I do that? I know what I look like…I don't like to see all my scars from life!"


Ok, here's the deal…if you can't learn to look passed your own scars and see the beauty in yourself, how can you expect anyone else to see your beauty? And…How can you possibly see passed someone else's scars to see their beauty?


We all have scars that life has left on us…some seen by the naked eye, other not. The point of standing in front of the mirror naked is to see them…all of them…to learn to love them…to learn to love you…for who you are…and for who those, very same scars, have made you become.


Don't look at those scars as hideous marking left by life. Look at them as experience…without them, you would not be who you are, and I don't know about you, my friend, but I kinda like who you are! {smiles}
I have learned to be content whatever my circumstances.


I know what it's like to be in need. I know what it's like to have more than enough. I have lived on BOTH sides of the tracks in the 46 years I have walked this planet!


I have learned that the secret to being truly happy in life is being content in any and every situation, no matter what it is…no matter where I am in life. Whether I am alone or with someone. I choose to be content with myself.


What I am trying to say here is…that if you choose to be with someone…or with no one…you should always strive to be happy with yourself.


Another person CAN NOT make you happy!


Another person CAN NOT think for you!


Another person CAN NOT feel for you!


And they certainly CAN NOT love for you!


Stop trying to make yourself happy by searching for someone to "complete" you…just simply accept yourself for who you are and be happy. You ARE complete! Another person can merely compliment you…NOT complete you.


Be of good moral character, be a strong sound person. Believe in yourself. Do the best you can do and be content with that!


Be content with yourself…be happy with yourself. That's when real true love will find you. When you learn to love yourself!


Hope to hear your opinion on the subject either her or in my inbox! Rather looking forward to knowing what you think????


Also…I would like to ask a favor of you, my friend…would you mind giving me your opinion…in my inbox, on (if you are female) what a woman wants in a relationship…(if you are male) what a man thinks a woman wants and needs. Please keep it clean as I will be using it as reference for a book I'm writing. Your name will not be used without physically signed and written permission.If you want it used in the book, just let me know and I'll get you the form to sign! 🙂


Thank you for your input in advance!


Much love and respect always, Ruth <3

  1. Author
    TravelingMan1966 12 years ago

    Very well said sheree.. i fully agree.. and hugs ruth..

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  2. Author
    TheTruth1997 12 years ago

    LOL Deb!!!

    You are too funny girl…we are DEF gonna have to get together sometime!!!

    I think we are very much alike…WATCH OUT WORLD!!!! LMAO!!!

    Everything you siad was right on girl!

    And thanks…I try to write and put what I am thinking in as plan and simple a…but detailed  form! Sometimes I get carried away…I tend to ramble on and go into waaay too much detail for the normal person…but I think I just wanna be sure I'm understood!! LOL

    Anywho…(see?? lol)…..

    Thanks to everyone who left a comment!!!

    Luv ya guys bunches!!

    Ruth ~smiles~

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  3. Author
    TheTruth1997 12 years ago

    Thanks Everyone for commenting!

    I really appreciate it and IF you were one of the ones that sent your thoughs on this to my inbox…I WILL be replying to them…been a bit busy around the house and with Dr. appts….but wanted you to know that I got them and have read them…and I thanks you so much for your wisdom and insight!!

    Love you all veery much!

    Ruth ~smiles~


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