One of my favorite pastime is just breathing as I watch my twin sister do art. The way her fingers brush away the charcoal, the way her wrist moves when painting. There is something so pure about that way of life, that way to express pain. I would never change anything about my twin, but there are times I feel like she is the canvas and not the artist. There are those people in life that are so kind and beautiful they let the world try to fix there flaws and redraw them. To the shout out of the gay community, don’t ever let someone change your colors. My sister battles with being gay and this hurts me because what this community needs is people to just lean back, close there eyes and listen to the parchment rustling. The paint sweeping and twirling. Everybody deserves someone who can just love your canvas without judging just simply noticing it’s there an d the story it tells. We are all colors unfolding, no different then that rose that continues to bloom even during spring Frost’s. We’re all beautiful and love is never a sin, it’s just the meeting of souls, who’s body that soil is in never matters. Only the picture you two paint together. Go ahead and freaking frame it for the world to see! But don’t let anyone take that picture down or try to cover it up. Instead stand your ground, take your partner’s hand and protect it. Dust it occasionally as you add a little more color here and there. Textured memories and pastel smiles. Shaded regret and shadowed pain. Your love is so pure and no one who is jugded by love will ever go to hell. There is a place better than heaven for your picture, for all pictures of the LGBT community. A place where your pictures are worshipped and loved and everyone can truly see the beauty.




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