Hi there to everyone reading! As you can see, I’m one of the newest members on this website, having just created this profile today.—/BUT/ I’m determined to make good use of my time here while I can. 😂 Anyways, I’m female, fifteen, now a sophomore in high school, and currently looking for kids my age or around that number who share interests that are similar to mine. For a cornucopia of reasons, I have trouble meeting people and making friends IRL. I just started a new school (going on two weeks in-person) and I feel… so out of place. Everyday’s the same; in my head, anxious, lonely, sad. Suffice to say, my high school experience hasn’t been the most spectacular, but I want to change that. If you ever feel like chatting for whatever reason, feel free to message! I promise, I don’t bite. 🌸

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  1. lacey7 8 months ago

    Sunny disposition,

    Perhaps you may consider taking the Mijer Briggs personality test (free online) to learn what type you are the pros and cons of it.

    It helped me to understand things about how people might perceive me and to fully appreciate my strengths with my personality type .

    I learned that my personality type can make superficial or people with bad intentions uncomfortable because I can see right through most toxic people. They don’t like it and it is my gain to not have them in my life!

    Also, consider researching reading body language! I find this very helpful!

    It is very possible that you are wise and mature beyond your years and it could be a compliment that your class mates may not relate to you.

    Do you have options with school obligations to spent time with people of different ages such in a job or volunteering?

    Maybe a young mom in your neighborhood who could use a mother’s helper? She could offer you support and wisdom during this stage of your life.

    My gut feeling is that you have quality and wonderful friends out there that you haven’t met get but they may not be your age or attend your school. Maybe you will meet these friends at not school activities, events and / or after high school education.

    Personally, my experience with “high school” friends from someone who changed schools my senior year taught me that high school relationships are falsely represented in movies. Did I experience “making friends” ? (rolling my eyes) Two girls pretended to be my friends and they turned out to be toxic. A boyfriend? I went on dates, went proms and went homecoming dance. I experienced thumbs down situations yet have pictures that look like I had a good high school experience.

    Looking back, the way things are for you right now verses my experience sounds good.

    Life can get much better after high school!

    High school friends are good to have but there are disadvantages because they tend to situational friendships that don’t tend to last. (Yes, sometimes they do.)

    Wishing you well in your journey and you are never alone when you love and cherish yourself!

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