I’d like to begin my story from the time that I was conceived. I was conceived out of anger and alcoholism, I’m a product of rape. Perhaps that was my beginning of not ever feeling like I belong. How does one explain their existence when it wasn’t supposed to be to begin with. Don’t get me wrong my mom loved me. She was selfless just in keeping me. Although my mom loved me, no one else did. I had six brothers and sisters, but they didn’t  consider me theirs.
Growing up in my house, I was quit invisible. The only person I could really talk to was me. My mom had mirrors in her bathroom that when I opened them all up they would show many of me,  So I was my company,  I was my only friend,  I was my own sister, and brother, I was many in that mirror. My days existed playing by myself until I was four and entered school. One would think I would have my stuff together at my age, but I don’t. I don’t even no who I am. My whole life until this year, has been being nobody nothing.  


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