Good morning,Well last Thursday I went to the Emergency room cuz I couldn't breathe, I aaumed my COPD was acting up, after hours of my blood pressure climbing and lots of blood tests the doctor came back, put his head down and said sorry to have to tell you this, then he preceeded to tell me all of the syptoms I have and have had since my pregnancy the swelling legs, the pain in my abdomen the difficulty breathing, and the blood test results show me to have Congestive Heart failure, I cried, he said it was due to my pregnancy, it wore my heart out, plus my kidneys were functioning so weakly it wasn't safe to run a test to check for blood clots in my lungs, and the reason I couldn't breathe is that there was fluid in my lungs. He made it sound like I was going to die that night,the nurse even said to me " I hope you get to see your baby again" I was devestated I cried, then the last blood pressure they took was 198 over 126, They took me to a room started me on medications and then explained as bad as it sounds Congestive Heart Failure is a condition that I can live with for years if I take care of my body, They put me on water pill they actually gave it to me thru iv, but between Last Thursday and this past Monday I lost 32 pounds. At first the eating the low sodium diet was really icky, no taste, but since I have been home I have made the most tasteful meals no salt just Mrs. Dash. Turkey burgers with roasted tomatos and grilled onions, Shish kabobs, and pineapple chicken. I surprised myself Holy Shit I can cook!


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