Not much to say the title says it all now don\'t get me wrong i am over my wife and i truly do not want her back. My thing is why does she have to include our kids in our disagreements? For five years i gave her all her heart could desire and ask for nothing in return except for her to be there for me,go back to school,and to get a trade. Something to help better herself, thats it. Now she wants to try  and take my kids(they are my reason for living)just to try and hurt me.but thats not the funny part the funny part is that it always happens that way. I hear women say there are not any good men out here yet they over look the ones that are. I have sat back and watched women date married men and fall in love, I have watched men beat there women and the woman falls in love, i have seen men cheat,lie steal and do what ever their hearts felt at the time and the woman still love them. All i want is to be able to take my kids to see my mother and to spend time with them when i am not working but i swear she just likes to make it hard.I have not been like alot of men,(i did not have sex until i was 20yrs old and married)and i have not been with alot of women since then but it seems that everyone of the women that i have met have had a second agenda,yeah they make alot of promise and say all the right things in the beginning but when push comes to shove they are off and running,i hear that all men are dogs well i could say that from what i have seen in my life women just as big of dogs as men.I work my fingers to the bone trying to please the woman that i am with but it seems that no matter what i do its just a game to them.Here i am a man that wants to spend time with his kids ,wants to be apart of their life ,to contribute to their upbring ,while there are guys out there that dont want the chance at all.I see women chase these thugs,drug dealers,24" rims,gold teeth,gangsters,and everything else while there is a man that works 16hrs a day busting his butt to do things the right way, he wants you for your mind,heart ,soul,spirit,as well as your body, he wants to hear you how your day was, to take  time out for your , to be your best friend,confidant,shoulder,whatever you need but yet you dont want him. But i always hear the words i want a good man, are you blind can you not see him or is it that you think he is to soft for your taste,WHY,WHY,WHY, someone please tell me why do the good guys always end up in second, not even second they are not even picked,they dont exsist.All this just because i want my kids for the weekend dang.trying to have an understanding with her for the kids sake to handle this politely, not to argue but i swear ……….,just cut my heart out and let me bleed to death without my kids that is what i feel. maybe if i was like most men maybe i would not even have to beg for my kids she would be trying her best to get me to come see them. thats my problem though for some strange reason i cant be like most men wasn\'t taught that, or brought up that way.but God forgive me all i want is my kids. Not trying to offend or disrepect or stereotype anyone these are just my words and how i feel, and everyday i am Learning to live & Living to learn, just a little venting 

                                                                          yours truly,

                                                                 Good guy going bad aka (simplyme2446)



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