Good morning, I am just sitting here at my computer waiting for a little time to pass beofre I have to leave for the OB doctor. There hasn't been much going on here lately. My year and a half old grandson started getting time outs which I am not sure how I feel about. Because I am not even sure he understands what time out is yet. angeline is such a doll.She is still teeny tiny but its kind of funny cuz she has these long slender legs that when she is wearing her clothes the pants look like shorts and the sleeves swallow her up. She's gonna be a basketball player. My grandson Zakkery is intrigued by her feet. He will take his socks off and then hers and compare feet its really cute to see. Yesterday I made pizza and after eating 3 pieces I decided to take the rest over next door for TIna and Zakkery. It was buffalo Chicken pizza so it was sort of Spicey. Zakkery loved it! When I walked in the door he saw I was holding a plate, he reached for it instantly and sid Nana EAT!!! The night before my friend had treated me to Wendy's and I ordered the Baja Salad which was too much for me and so I took it again next door so my daughter could have it, along with a bowl of chili beans for Zakkery, That boy screamed til he got the salad. Mom got the beans instead. I guess that day he was introduced to bacon and ate a whole BLT which was amazing cuz he just won't eat veggies, but since the BLT, he loves lettuce and tomatos. There is nothing I wouldn't do for my family especially my grandbabies. I hold Angeline alot more now so that TIna can have a break, her little feet are so funny. I say she has monkey feet cuz she has a grip with thoses long toes of hers. I love my family. Now its off to the doctor so they can tell me I have 7-10 weeks to go before my baby is born!

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    allylamb 12 years ago

    I am glad that you are having a good day. You grandchild sounds very beautiful

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