Come and join me in the corner

No one likes to be alone

Hello, darkness, I was born here

Start engraving on my tomb stone.

Stay awhile in the darkness,

And my stories I will tell

One day I will give you rest

When I return to hell

You say you want to keep me

Well, if that’s true, then say goodbye

I’ll never learn to let you near me

If I do, I know I’ll die

But there’s something in your voice

That makes me pause, that makes me smile

It’s almost like I have a choice

It’s been a while

If you break something

I might still be your friend

But when you leave, you know

The cycle starts again.

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  1. mindjitsu 1 year ago

    Beautiful poetry, even though it’s dark, I still find beauty in your writing. Very powerful and open to interpretation, with my own battles. Very inspiring writing. I wish I could write like you.

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