Just caught the images and words of this video, and thought…if I were to insert every person whoever hurt me the last 48 years ….

or if I thought of a negative mantra for each reference to a person, and immediately replaced it with a positive thought or image

or if I simply sang it to me about how I feel about hurting myself in one shape or the other over the years…..

maybe I would get A Little Bit Stronger…

well, it could be yet another CBT-inspired tool. And, it works!


CBT that I learned in the hospital many times, (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) is a proven non med treatment for depression. As I am a person most aware of all my senses, well just hearing a lecture or taking notes didn't help me …. or was ineffective if I did attempt to try….or the return rate was too low.

But this video engages my ears, eyes, my feelings, invokes positive memories, etc., For me CBT is more effective if I engage more than just the logical brain…add in some sensory input, a touch of creativity and a bit of luck….well…it works.

Othertimes, CBT only invoking my logical side works too. depends on how I'm doing at the moment.

It's just a matter of finding what works best for me…or for you. We are all so unique.

Just thought I'd pass it along.

And hey, this is my 1st attempt at designeing a page like this. what fun! Never thought I was techi enough!

Goes to show that you just know know what you don't know!


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