Sometimes I really hate this site! I had most of a blog done and then POOF! It was gone. That aggravates me so much!

It's another really hot day here, but that's par for the course. We didn't go to the pool yesterday, instead we spent time at the library. We rented a couple of movies and got a puzzle for Zachary and I to do together. He LOVES them, and he's so good atthem. He puts me to shame with how fast he does it. LOL.

I have my first therapy appointment since the "incident" happened with Zach and Corey. I'm really nervous and not looking forward to this appointment. I don't really want to talk about it, but I know I need to. I'm not ready to delve into how I feel about all of this and the concerns I have for whether or not this is going to scar my son. I'm hoping that because he's so young and we caught it so early on that he'll only remember it as a confusing few moments.

Thursday Zach sees HIS counselor. I feel very concerned about that too. But maybe she can get him to talk about what happened. I don't want to talk to him about it myself because he's embarrassed talking to me or Aaron. Maybe with her because he likes and trusts her he'll open up and discuss it some. Maybe we'll have an idea of the extent of the damage done. God I hope it's minimal!

Tomorrow morning I'm going to teach a violin lesson to my student at 10. It will be good for me I know. But I always get nervous and anxious beforehand and almost cancel it. It's the dang anxiety kicking in.

Speaking of anxiety, I had a really bad time on Saturday night when I tried to go to bed finally at our friends' house. My thoughts were racing, I couldn't sleep even though I was exhausted, and even though the house was cold I was soaked in sweat. It was then I realized I had forgotten to bring my Klonopin with me, and I haven't been off of it for 7 years. I have to take it every night before I go to sleep. That was a horrible feeling andI don't think I'll forget anytime soon again.

I hope all of you have a good day. I'm going to go feed my son lunch and then we're going to draw posters to hang up in his room ~ Angry Birds of course! Be well!


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