Day Nineteen

Say out loud to yourself:

   I am a good person

   I have many gifts and positive qualities

   I forgive myself for anything I have done which I still judge myself for

   I am free to be the person I've always wanted to be

   I can do whatever I set my mind to

   I am aware that my thoughts are creating my reality

   I am worthy and deserving of good things

   I am vital and important to my friends and family

   I unconditionally love and respect myself just the way I am

   I now choose to have only thoughts that support me at every level of my being

   Every day I become more of the person I want to be

   I say only positive things to myself

   I deserve to have my dreams come true

   In my heart, I know I am a worthy person

   I am lovable and capable

   I  trust myself and communicate honestly

   My being here makes a difference

   My needs are as important as everyone else's needs

   I am exactly who I need to be



        I believe that people do the best they can do, but do I include myself in this philosophy?    Or do I have higher standards for myself and berate myself because I cannot live up to them?    I am not basically different from most people so, just as I would not demand perfection of others, I do not demand it of myself.   I am as loving, tolerant, and understanding of myself as I am of others.

(For Today, p. 15)

Write a positive statement about yourself:



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