22 Years ago today was the very first World AIDS Day…….there are times when it seems as though the general public was more educated and informed about AIDS then as opposed to this day! As many of you might already know I had my time as a public speaker and founder/ ED of a 501 (c)(3) public charity for AIDS. I will refrain from spouting off statistics that I'm sure most of us are aware of about this virus. Instead, I would like to reflect about our own individual stories of living – without the HIV. So very many times I read blogs on here downing relationships, healthcare and medicine(s)……..and can relate very much to each story at some point in my own past. I was almost dead in the ER, kidneys shut down from a medically resistant strain of bacteria, a couple handfuls of T-cells and over a million and a half Viral load and getting that AIDS diagnosis. I had my wife of 15 years walk out on me with my daughters 6th grade math teacher; and had friends that when told about my status never heard from them again…………But; and this is the really HUGE part once I realized it!…………I DID something about it! I was able to change my life because I continued to live, and make small livable changes every day and stay with them. Perhaps I am very lucky that I am in love now for almost 5 months, am able to have private insurance, T-cells averaging at 1500 for past 6 years and undetectable. My family & friends know about my health and are now very supportive! I still think I am where I am today because I didn't give up………On this World AIDS Day my wish for everyone here is to stop just being diagnosed as positive; and try living your lives positively each and every day!


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