Well grandpa trippy cal is about to hit the road a week or so from now.. Headed to washington for the new addition of a lil girl.. My daughter in laws c section is scheduled for the 21st so please keep her in your thoughts and prayers that she comes through this safely and so does my granddaughter Callie ..

Towards the end of last year i was informed by some people that they knew my status due to my ex and that she was telling people who were telling people.. you know how that works but any way.. It forced me to tell some mutual friends up front before the bs would start and in the end i still have them as friends and one ended up a permanant fixture in my life i hope.. She a beautiful young lady named jennifer who i told i was hiv pos before we even thought about romance. I liked her as a friend and we hung out a lot just for the heck of it.. neither of us was looking for anyone and we just wanted someone to hang with cus we were both bored . Welll anyway.. we started becoming couch buddys so to speak.. cuddling up and watching movies and i started having some feeling more then just friends if ya know what i mean.. So the next day after i got my composure and yes appologized for laying rubber out of her driveway and down the road for at least a 100 yards.. ( she kissed me as i was leaving and it tripped me out and didnt know how to react so i ran like hell) But anyway.. told her i was poz and she still called me and still wanted to hang out and etc etc etc.. We have been a couple now officially since new years eve and things are going very well for us. She has a son who is in high school and has one more year of school then will be going his way in life . We have already decided not to live together until her son graduates so that he isnt tramatized by this new relationship with his mother. last guy really fuked up the poor kids head and i would rather just give him time to come to me then to push myself off on him .. ya know.. but anyway.. things are moving along smoothly and we spend alot of time together. Jennifer is a baker by trade and specialized in gluten free products and is even got me eating this health food stuff and it actually tastes pretty decent.. Both of us are good cook so we take turns making dinner for each other all the time. Its just hard cus im a meat eater and shes mostly veggie.. So i could use some help on recipes for vegs..that i can make while also making side dishes of meat for me. She takes awesome care of me and stays on top of my meds, medical appts and makes sure i eat correctly. What more can i ask for .. If i mess this up i am one dumb asss dude and will deserve it thats for dam sure.. Found someone who fits that whole ying and yang thing with me and i actually see a future with this lady unlike the uncertainty i have felt in my past relations.. I did things totally different on how i approached this situation and got a result that surprised me and is what i wanted.. They say if you keep doing the same thing over and over , dont be suprised by the results.. well i decided to do it different and im very happy with how things turned out. We are taking things slow and easy and ive let her know all the nice lil fun things we pozzies go through from physical to mental issues and have taken her to my doctors to have them fully explain what can or will happen with meds. exposure and so on.. I wanted her to know everything before deciding if she wanted to go forward with a relationship and wanted her to know what she was getting into..

Boy was i suprised when we got home from the doctor appointment and we made love for 2 hours.. oh yea.. yup no issue with me being poz .. she doesnt treat me any different and we spend alot of time together learning about each other and we are looking at a long future ahead for us.. We have talked about engagement and we are going to wait until things are fully stable with us and with her son .. then get engaged for a year then yea hawwwww..

Last year really sucked for me with the lossed i went through and the mental destruction i semi put myself through.. This year is my year to havea fresh start in life and in love.. My body is repairing itself and the meds that im on now are working.. Truvada and Viramune.. I dont have alot of choices due to drug interactions and my allergies to sulfa.. Alot of hiv meds have some molacule of sulfa and its enough to kill my ass so no playing that game any more.. but anyway. im almost undetect and i actually have a stable tcell count.

Got things all done with my auto accident also.. The Ford Expedition i had tricked out and saved my life in that accident got replaced with a newer one.. Alot nicer and newer fun neat lil electronic goodies for me to play with and a 5.4 345 hp motor for me to trick out .. he he he.. im seeing a 3 inch magnaflow exhaust system , lift kit and bigger tires in the near future.. ( after i buy the engagement rings) .. ya ya i know im supposed to go slow. gonna surpise her with the ring next week.. but anyway.. ford has some new goodies for that engine and im thinking im going to have me anouther fast ford to play with.. and dam it looks good with that hot woman of mine sitting in it. ha ha.. if dang tribe thingy would let me upload i would show ya but it says all my pics of her are to big? anyway.. life is going good.. son is doing good in the army along with my brother who just got married in the army and has a baby on the way.. Parents are healthy and doing good so i can complain.. Grandkids are doing good.. and Now i have a wonderful lady in my life .. I aint bitching trust me.. She actually mellowed me out some and is going to go sky diving with me this summer.. ha ha. god im in love.. yeahh hawwww.. lol

Have a great week and weekend to all. Peace and Happiness. ..

Tripppppppy Cal

  1. Apple71 13 years ago

    Congratulations!!!! I wish you both the very best!!!! She sounds like a beautiful woman inside and out!!! I wish you love in the truest form!!!          Hugs

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  2. TravelingMan1966 13 years ago

    I am a lucky man for sure.. great family.. great friends.. and a great lady.. i am blessed..

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